The Northeast Alternatives Trophy Case Is Overflowing…

When we first opened our doors in 2018, we set out to provide only the highest quality cannabis flower and products. We set that goal for ourselves and as a promise to you, our customers, and our patients. From the beginning, we also decided that we’d measure our success against the finest competitors in Massachusetts in as many events as possible. We’re proud to stand by the results–as of September 2021, Northeast Alternatives is still the most awarded dispensary in Massachusetts! 

Our trophy case now holds 29 awards for cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and overall excellence as a dispensary. In total, NEA’s founders have won more than 30 awards during their careers in such competitions as the High Times Cannabis Cup, The Harvest Cup, the Commonwealth Cannabis Competition, and more.

Let our record speak for itself, and check out our full list of awards and recognitions below. 

Southcoast Media’s Best of the Best 

Best Cannabis Dispensary, 2021

Best Cannabis Dispensary, 2020

Finalist, Best Cannabis Dispensary, 2019

Commonwealth Cannabis Competition 2021

THC Flower

2nd prize, Mandarin Cookies

3rd prize, Gorilla Breath 

CBD Flower

2nd prize, Sour Tsunami 

THC Concentrates

2nd prize, Lemonade Mandoruntz

3rd prize, Green Tangerine Crack Cookies

THC Edibles

2nd prize, Garlic Chili Oil 

Terptown Throwdown Home Grown Cannabis Awards 2021

CBD Extracts

1st prize, Black Cherry OG x Tangie CBD Batter

2nd prize, Ice Cream Man CBD Sauce 

3rd prize, Purple Stardawg Sunset CBD Sauce

THC Edibles

2nd prize, Chipotle Ranch Spice Mix

CBD Flower

3rd prize, Sour Tsunami

Harvest Cup 2020

CBD Flower/Extract

1st prize, Ice Cream Man CBD Sugar 

2nd prize, Strawberry Banana CBD Sugar


1st prize, Wellness Capsules (Energy Formula)

2nd prize, RSO Tincture (Indica Formula)

Sativa Flower 

2nd prize, Mandarin Cookies 

Indica Flower 

2nd prize, Ice Cream Man

NECANN Competition 2021

CBD Flower

1st prize, Sour Tsunami 

Vape Cartridges

1st prize, Green Tangerine Crack Cookies Vape


2nd prize, Hot Cocoa Mix

NECANN Competition 2020

CBD Concentrates

2nd prize, Sour Tsunami Shatter

THC Flower

3rd prize, Ice Cream Man 

The Harvest Cup 2019

Sativa Flower

1st prize, Mandarin Cookies

2nd prize, Ice Cream Man

Indica Flower

2nd prize, Purple Sunset

Commonwealth Cannabis Competition 2019


3rd prize, Golden Goat

We’re so grateful to our fellow competitors, judges, organizers, patients, and customers for helping us make these awards possible. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for your support!