Something’s ALWAYS poppin’ at NEA! Join us throughout the week for visits from brands we know you’ll love! Learn about your favorite products, try some non-infused samples, and even grab some swag!

Here’s what’s on tap for this week: 

Tuesday 3/1

Sira Naturals: 3pm – 6pm

Product Highlights

Infused Chillums:

  • Boom Hybrid Wax (H) – .3g Chillum Packed With Flower & Wax, 39.3% TAC
  • Boom Sativa Wax (S) – .3g Chillum Packed With Flower & Wax, 29.1% TAC
  • Boom Indica Wax (I) – .3g Chillum Packed With Flower & Wax, 28.9% TAC

Pre Rolls:

  • Super Lemon Haze (SH) – 1g PreRoll, 19.1% TAC
  • Banana Kush (H) – 1g PreRoll, 22.7% TAC
  • SFV OG (SH) – 1g PreRoll, 22.4% TAC
  • MTF (SH) – 1g PreRoll, 21.38% TAC


  • Wicked Sour Watermelon Gummies (H) – 100mg Gummies 


  • Nordic Goddess Body Balm (THC:CBD) 1:1 – 300mg Salve Stick
  • Nordic Goddess Body Balm (THC:CBD) – 550mg Balm

Thursday 3/3

INSA 3pm – 6pm

Product Highlights


  • Sweets (S) ~30% TAC
    • We’re pumped to be the only store in Eastern Mass that’s carrying this strain! Sweets is a mouth-watering sativa leaning cultivar made by crossing Guava Gelato and Karma Sour Diesel. With its dense, sugar-coated buds this strain is more than just eye-candy—it’s sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth.

Saturday 3/5

Cultivate/Cresco 11am – 2pm