NEA Flower


Durban Poison (S)

A pure sativa, Durban Poison is a rare landrace sativa strain originating in South Africa. Users love this strain for its unique spicy flavor and great uplifting head high. Some say that this strain’s happy high is well-suited for daytime errands.

Green Cush (S)

Green Cush is a potent hybrid strain with Skunk #1 lineage. This flower is known for its energetic buzz and is reported to increase the users’ focus. Green Cush’s fruity mango flavors and citrus undertones are paired with dense, tight buds for a sensory smoking experience.

Sour Diesel (S)

Sour Diesel is an energizing sativa cross of Chemdawg x Northern Lights x Super Skunk #1. Users report this strain provides an invigorating cerebral high that may boost creativity and motivation.

StarDawg Guava (S)

Our StarDawg Guava is a sativa strain with a lineage including Chemdawg, Northern Lights, and Skunk #1. Users report a strong high that promotes energy and focus. Some users say these effects may bring on a feeling of dreamy clarity and motivation.

Tangie (S)

Tangie is a sativa strain with a lineage that includes Cali Orange and Unknown Skunk varieties. Tangie’s terpene profile is the epitome of great citrus. This strain is easily recognized by its distinct tangerine, orange aroma and flavor. Users report a productive, energizing experience.


Black Cherry OG (I)

Our Black Cherry OG is an indica cross of Granddaddy Purple x Ken’s OG. This strain has a distinct sweet flavor that’s reminiscent of cherry cola soda. Users report a high that is relaxed and calming while also lifting their spirits. Physically, users describe a powerful body high that leaves them couch-locked in deep relaxation.

Pre ‘98 Bubba (I)

Pre 98 Bubba is an indica-leaning strain with Hindu Kush lineage. True to its lineage, this strain is known for its calming, relaxing effects. It also boasts a pungent, musky scent with peppery coffee flavors.


Golden Goat (SH)


A true G.O.A.T. that lives up to its name, Golden Goat has Hawaiian, Romulan, and Island Sweet Skunk lineage. This flavor-packed strain is wicked sweet with a spicy note of haze. With its tropical fruit aroma, this sativa-dominant hybrid is unlike any other. Users report this strain has strong, long-lasting effects. A long-time favorite for flavor and effect, Golden Goat is a classic go-to for a great daytime high. Golden Goat took home 3rd place for flower at the 2019 Commonwealth Cup and became one of NEA’s first award-winning strains!

Ice Cream Man (IH)


Our Ice Cream Man is an indica hybrid cross of Jetfuel Gelato x Legend Orange Apricot F2. Many users report a mildly energetic and euphoric high that hits quickly despite its indica lineage. This award-winning strain is a fan-favorite known for its gorgeous looks and unique aroma and flavor, similar to fresh lemon sorbet. This strain took home 2nd Place for flower at the 2019 Harvest Cup, 3rd Place at the 2020 NECANN Competition, and 2nd Place at the 2020 Harvest Cup! This sugar took home 1st Prize at the 2020 Harvest Cup Cannabis Competition for CBD Concentrates!

Mandarin Cookies (SH)


Our “Mandarin Cookies” (Biscuits and Gravy Cut) is a truly unique strain in both its appearance and effects. Its flower is a spiky, colorful purple hue that has a complex flavor profile unlike any other. Mandarin Cookies’ taste spans doughy, pancake-like notes and savory garlic, mushroom, onion, and gravy flavors–you’ve got to try it to believe it! Users report Mandarin Cookies offers a well-balanced, functioning high. This strain is a sativa hybrid cross of Ethos Cookie #12 x Mandarin Sunset R1. Mandarin Cookies won 1st Prize for Sativa Flower at the 2019 Harvest Cup and 2nd Prize for Sativa Flower at the 2020 Harvest Cup!

Purple Sunset (IH)


Purple Sunset is an indica cross of Purple Punch x Mandarin Sunset x Mandarin Cookies. Users describe its high as mellow and relaxing. This strain took home the 2nd Prize at the 2019 Harvest Cup for indica flower! This strain is a low yielder that we can’t stop growing because of its purple hue and outstanding trichome production–you’ll have to see it to believe it!

Sour Tsunami (CBD:THC) (SH)


Our Sour Tsunami is a state of mind. This sativa dominant hybrid strain is known for its high CBD to THC ratio, making it a popular choice among medical users and adult-use customers. An oldie but a goodie, Sour Tsunami became one of the first strains identified for its high CBD content. Users report smoking Sour Tsunami is akin to post-massage relaxation bliss. Early entourage effect adopters all started here! Sour Tsunami took home 1st Prize for CBD Flower at the 2021 NECANN competition and 3rd Prize for CBD Flower at the 2021 Terptown Throwdown Home Grown Cannabis competition!

Blue Dream (SH)

Blue Dream is a sativa hybrid cross of Blueberry x Super Silver Haze. Many users report that it provides physical relaxation with gentle, calming euphoria. Blue Dream’s terpene profile tends to smell like sweet berries.

Blueberry Headband

Our Blueberry Headband is a hybrid strain with a lineage including ’76 Blueberry, Emerald OG Kush, Cali Sour D, and Pre ’98 Bubba Kush. Noted for its sweet, blueberry taste and aroma, users report that this strain offers a euphoric rush and relaxing body effect.

Blueberry Muffin (IH)

Our Blueberry Muffin is an indica hybrid cross of Purple Panty Dropper x Blueberry. This strain smells like freshly baked blueberry muffins. Users report lifting mental effects and full-body relaxation.

Candyland (IH)

Our Candyland is an indica hybrid cross of Granddaddy Purple x Bay Platinum Cookies that exhibits beautiful purple, pink and red colors. Users report an upbeat, stimulating high that spurs creativity and a mild sense of euphoria. Candyland boasts a classic hash flavor.

Chem Brulee (IH)

Have your dessert and smoke it too! Chem Brulee is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of ChemDi95 x Lemon Brulee. This strain boasts a deliciously nutty, desert-like flavor profile with hints of vanilla. Chem Brulee’s aroma carries similar notes, with hints of earthy wood and sweet herbs. Users report this strain provides a balanced, soothing high with a calmness that hits from behind the eyes.

Cookies and Cream (H)

Cookies and Cream is a true hybrid cross of an unknown Cookies strain and Starfighter F2. It boasts a delicious nutty, sweet vanilla flavor while producing an earthy, candy-like pungent aroma. Users love Cookies and Cream for its uplifting and euphoric effects and creative energy.

Do-Si-Dos (IH)

Dosidos is an indica-dominant hybrid with OGKB, GSC, and Face Off OG lineage. A potent strain that packs a punch, Dosidos carries a minty, sweet, pungent aroma that’ll lure you in for a taste. Users report that this strain provides a heavy, medical-grade body high that’ll leave even the most seasoned user couchlocked.

Flo (H)

Flo is a perfect 50/50 hybrid cross of Purple Thai x Afghani landrace strains. This unique floral, aromatic strain touches near black licorice with a sweet, satisfying flavor. Users report Flo’s effects are mild and energetic, bringing about clarity of thought.

Gelato Cake (IH)

Gelato Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Gelato #33 x Wedding Cake. This strain boasts a sweet and sour flavor with hints of creamy vanilla. Users report its high is relaxing and perfect for a mild evening buzz that turns into soothing sedation.

GG4 (SH)

GG4 is a game-changing strain with a beautiful, resin-filled, chunky bud structure. This strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Chem’s Sister x Chocolate Diesel. GG4 is one of the tastiest and stickiest sativa-dominant strains, known for its intense, complex flavor of fuel and pine. Many users report various effects from both sides of its lineage, from cerebral invigoration to couch locking effects.

Glueball (SH)

Glueball is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of GG4 x Snowball. Expect a sweeter, more citrusy flavor with less pronounced diesel notes than its GG4 parent. Users report feeling an intense, fast cerebral rush that may leave them giggly and blissful and ends with a sedating, couch-locking high.

Gorilla Breath (IH)

Gorilla Breath is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Original Glue x OGKB. This strain is not for the faint of heart! Users report this strain boasts a heavy high that’s both cerebral and body-focused. With a delicious flavor profile that boasts many flavors like pine, fuel, chocolate, diesel, and more, you’ll have to try it to believe it!

Caesar OG (H)

This gorgeous, white crystal-laden purple hybrid strain embodies the perfect cross of GG4 x Triple OG. Named after Caesar from Planet of the Apes, our Caesar is all about the gas and boasts a strong diesel aroma unique to this phenotype. Users report loving Caesar for the blissful euphoria that leads into a non-sleepy state of relaxation and a clear-headed high.

Ghost of Lee Roy (IH)

Ghost of Lee Roy is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Ghost OG x Lee Roy. This strain carries a sweet cotton candy citrus flavor with light herbal notes upon exhaling. Its aroma is similar, with an earthy undertone to balance the sweetness. Users report this potent strain’s effects are initially calming and cerebral and gradually descend into a heavy body high.

Larry OG (H)

Larry OG is a balanced hybrid cross of OG Kush x SFV Kush. This strain’s aroma is all about fuel, skunk, and spice. Its flavor has sweet and tangy notes, similar to Gorilla Glue. Users report this strain creates a soothing body-high and can stimulate one’s appetite.

Lavender Jones (IH)

Our Lavender Jones is an indica hybrid cross of Purple Urkle x Casey Jones. Lavender Jones has a terpene profile that lives up to its name with a gorgeous lavender flavor and aroma. Users report feeling deep relaxation and pain relief, making it a go-to for medical users. Some users report this strain is perfect for medicinal daytime usage, despite its indica lineage.

Lemonade PCG (SH)

Lemonade PCG is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Lemon Skunk x Sour Diesel. Known for its terpene profile that smells just like freshly squeezed lemons, users report this strain provides energizing and motivating effects.

Member Berries (SH)

Member Berries is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Skunk Berry x Mandarin Sunset destined to remind you of your first real skunk experience. This strain has a skunky, tart, and fruity aroma with herbal notes. Users say this strain produces an outstanding balance of calming and energizing effects with a happy and euphoric mood boost.

Mendo Breath (IH)

Mendo Breath is an indica-dominant cross of OGKB x Mendo Montage. This sleepy strain is known for its sweet flavor with notes of vanilla, caramel, earthy undertones, and a complex aroma to match. Mendo Breath users report a couch-locking body high that starts as a light euphoric tingle. Some users also note this strain helps them appreciate and enhance flavors and smells.

Pineapple Express (SH)

Pineapple Express is a sativa hybrid cross of Trainwreck x Hawaiian. Pineapple Express carries a delectably sweet smell and taste loaded with pineapple. Users report this strain is agreeable, easygoing, and great for daytime use.

Platinum Cake (H)

Platinum Cake is a loud, white crystal-laden hybrid cross of Wedding Cake x Platinum Cookies. Platinum Cake has a doughy smell with sweet notes and is known for its excessive trichome production. Users report this strain relaxes the body without dulling the mind.

Runtz (IH)

Runtz is a rare indica-dominant hybrid cross of Zkittlez x Gelato. Known for its fruity terpene profile that smells just like the bag of candy that it takes its name from, this strain is as delicious as it is elevating. This strain carries a creamy smoke that is smooth and flavorful, with tropical fruit and sour berry flavors. Runtz users report that its effects are euphoric, uplifting, and are known for being long-lasting.

Sour Kush (SH)

Sour Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Sour Diesel x OG Kush. Its terpene profile is true to its name, rich with sour lemon and lime notes backed by pungent fuel. Users describe Sour Kush’s effects as uplifting, energizing, and giggly. Users also report a renewed sense of focus after enjoying this strain.

Strawberry Banana (IH)

A hash maker’s dream, Strawberry Banana is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Banana Kush x Strawberry. This strain has a sweet, fruity taste reminiscent of strawberry banana yogurt. Users report Strawberry Banana induces a happy, relaxed high. Our Strawberry Banana CBD Sugar took home 2nd Prize at the 2020 Harvest Cup Cannabis Competition for CBD Concentrates!

Sunset Sherbet (H)

Sunset Sherbet is a balanced hybrid cross of GSC x Pink Panties. Known for amplifying creative energy, Sunset Sherbet has a sweet, fruity honey aroma with an earthy aftertaste upon exhaling. Users report Sunset Sherbet has euphoric and invigorating effects.

Wedding Cake (SH)

NEA’s original Wedding Cake is a sativa-dominant hybrid phenotype of Triangle Mints. This strain’s flavor is rich and tangy and has vibrant undertones of earthy pepper. Users describe this strain’s effects as strong but also relaxing and euphoric.

Whipped Cherries (H)

Whipped Cherries brings together the best qualities of Cherry Cream Pie and Cookies and Cream F2 to create a mouthwatering strain known for its incredible effects. The perfect blend of tart and smooth, Whipped Cherries is a hybrid strain that boasts a sweet and fruity cherry flavor with hints of creamy vanilla. This strain’s smoke is extra smooth, a nod to its Cookies and Cream heritage. Users report this strain’s high is relaxing with easygoing full-bodied effects, as well as calming, carefree euphoria.

White 99 (SH)

Our White 99 is a powerful sativa hybrid cross of The White x Cinderella 99. This strain is a reliable, all-purpose favorite with citrusy flavors and earthy notes. A favorite among medicinal users, some say this strain’s effects are stimulating, uplifting, and euphoric.

Wicked Flo (H)

Wicked Flo is a balanced hybrid cross of White Flo 7 x Legend Orange Apricot F2. This phenotype looks gorgeous like its White Flo mother. This strain’s incredible smells and flavors lean toward orange and apricot. Flavorful and delicious, users report this strain offers stress-free and relaxing effects.

Zsweet Inzanity (SH)

Noted for its numerous flavors, including pungent pine notes, Zsweet Inzanity is a must-try for all sativa and Durban Poison lovers. This strain’s lineage is Durban Poison x Rainmaker x OG Glue. Sometimes a funny looker, Zsweet Inzanity is a popular NEA strain because of its powerful effects and exquisite flavor. Users consistently describe this strain as energizing and uplifting.

‘15 GSC (H)

When you cross two legends like OG Kush and Durban Poison, you’re guaranteed to grow a game-changer. This original 2015 GSC is the one that started a breeding revolution. A balanced hybrid cross of OG x Durban Poison, this strain has a diverse cannabinoid profile that can include meaningful amounts of THCV, CBG, CBC, and CBN. ‘15 GSC has notes of cherry, mint, and lemon, with a sweet, pungent flavor. Users describe feelings of euphoria and full-body relaxation.

‘19 Sweet Sweet (SH)

‘19 Sweet Sweet is a sativa-dominant hybrid with skunk heritage. This strain has deliciously sweet citrus, herbal, and peppery notes. Users report this strain has euphoric and uplifting effects.