Cannabis How-To's

Using cannabis for the first time?
Here are some tips to get you started.

Grinding Flower

First things first, place a small amount of flower in a grinder and twist it a few times. Make sure you don’t grind too much, or the too-fine flower will fall through the hole in your bowl.

Anatomy of a Bowl

Pipes usually have three openings. These include the mouthpiece, the bowl, and the carb (the small hole on the side of the bowl). When you inhale, you have to cover the carb, so make sure to hold the pipe the pipe so that you can easily cover it with a thumb or finger.

Pack Your Bowl

To keep the flower from falling into the bowl, place a nug that’s slightly larger than the hole in the middle and top with ground marijuana. Press down lightly to “pack” it. Make sure not to overpack your bowl. Cannabis can expand slightly as it burns and you don’t want an overflow of burning flower!

Smoke Your Bowl

Cover the carb and briefly hold the flame of a lighter or a hemp wick to a small section of the packed bowl. Slowly inhale. Once the pipe is full of smoke, remove your finger from the carb and inhale deeply. You’ll more than likely start coughing. This is totally normal. Keep a glass of water nearby, take some deep breaths, and wait until you stop coughing before you take another “hit.” Congrats! You’ve now successfully smoked a bowl!

Smoke a Pre-roll Evenly

Gently roll the joint between your fingers to loosen the tightly packed flower. Evenly apply a flame to the tip while slowly rotating the pre-roll. Your goal is to create an even red cherry at the end of the pre-roll. Start with a few puffs and see how you feel. If you don’t finish, you can tamp out the cherry and store it in your pre-roll tube for future use.

Consume an Edible

Some edibles contain multiple servings and direct you to consume only a portion. They can take up to 2 hours to feel and can deliver a long lasting high. Start slowly with 5mg to see how it affects you before you eat more. Eating too much can sneak up on you. Remember – start low and go slow.